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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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children are caught in the mortgage process. and hands-free cars could be just around the corner. google is tester again and now but they warned it will not be that easy. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it is monday, october 11. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> it's a foreclosure nightmare involving apiary a woman who runs a home for developmentally disabled children. she says her mortgage company agreed to modify her alone but instead of helping her the lender sold the home and did not bother to notify her. jana katsuyama is live in oakland with our story.
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>> reporter: the director says any day now somebody could come walking up to their door and evict them. that is because this mortgage lender basically foreclosed on the house and sold it without notification. >> i have a six bed facility which means i can have six children. >> reporter: she opened this children's home in may to care for developmentally disabled children. she says she and her staff are caring for three boys and now they are facing possible eviction. >> i don't know what to tell the kids if we are going to be here or not. i do not know what day they will knock on my door and say we have to go. >> reporter: she says the problem started with the housing bust when she and her
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sons fell behind on their $3,500 a month payment. the mortgage was transferred to carrington mortgage services in santa anna. kennington said they would give her a loan not -- a loan modification but she did not hear back and called a manager. >> i said it has been three months. he said, let me get back to you in a couple days. they said they would not do the loan modification because they have sold the house. >> reporter: returnees biting the addiction and some experts say why the worst has passed foreclosures are still a big -- her attorney and nia's rate experts say the worst has passed. >> economics professor john berkley says often there is confusion and miscommunication between the lender and borrower's. >> in many cases a modification was granted on a temporary basis and in a large number of cases to review according to the normal criteria of the tank does not result in a permanent
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modification. >> reporter: a spokesman said he would not comment before he makes a comment -- needs to review the case before he makes a comment on the record store like 40 state attorneys generals will announce an investigation into allegations that some of the largest banks are improperly foreclosing on thousands of homes. it includes a practice called robo signing where they sign up without improper -- proper review. other banks are under pressure to do the same but the white house disagrees saying it does not see a need for blanket stoppage. on wall street stocks traded in the narrow range. the dow and nasdaq each gallon
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of minor games but finished virtually unchanged. >> a mother is speaking out tonight after her son was wounded at a weekend party. violence broke out at the monarch bay golf course in san leandro before people were shot, two of them died. police have not released the names of the victim's but kelly thornton says two of her sons were at that party and one was shot in the back of the lake. >> all you hear is boom, boom, boom and he fell and hit the ground. they ran over my son, my son that got shot. >> police have not made any arrests yet but may contact with the party promoter who used a fake name. police are hoping someone will recognize the sketch of a man who tried to grab a young girl. he is described as an older white man. two sisters were walking on sunday the a drive when a man
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reached out of a car window and grab the younger girl by the sure to be the author girl -- post the girl by the shirt and the other girl grabbed the girl and ran away. >> a hot air balloon made an unplanned landing this morning. the balloon carrying a pilot and two passengers cleared power lines as it lost altitude and knocked down a fence at monte vista elementary school before touching down. the pilot said he intended to land in a field but was blown off course. highway patrol officers saw the balloon coming down and help secure it. no one was hurt. >> police have ended a protest that started yesterday when homeless advocates took over a vacant building. they took over the hotel in the tenderloin and as rob roth reports protesters say that building could provide shelter for people who need it.
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>> reporter: a coax the protesters out of his residential hotel. >> all we got was an unkind the gesture. >> reporter: they conducted a room by room search. >> people who occupied the premises barricaded the stairwell with garbage and tape. >> reporter: police found no one inside. >> they must have left during the night. they could have gone over the roof, out the side of the back of the building. >> i'm fairly sure they had a way to leap. >> reporter: police detained two people outside of the building but released them. at 15 to 20 people got inside. they had banners that supporters say he wanted to send a message to the unused and abandoned buildings to be
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converted into housing for the homeless. >> we have situations where families are living in garages, hotels, with other families, cars. thousands of families do not have a regular place to call home. >> the coordinator told us that putting homeless people in substandard housing would be a poor strategy. the building does not appear to have suffered any major damage in the entire incident is under investigation. >> a red lake fire warning went into effect in the bay area. in oakland the sign displaying the fire commission was changed raging the danger from moderate to extreme. they are considering increasing patrols. they tapped homes today to make sure that property owners could await any brash and our meteorologist mark tamayo will be along shortly with forecasts
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pacific's. solano county firefighters rushed to put out small fires this morning. the fire department spokesman says the first fire was 10 acres. today's winds pushed some of the smoke west to part of the east bay. governor schwarzenegger is overseas tonight. he is at the delegation of the silicon valley business leaders and met with russian president dmitry medvedev. he held the president as a great visionary and compared investment opportunities in russia to a gold mine. >> the acting governor is hoping to secure some financial security for those living near san bruno requesting the immediately possession of property in the area could he says expediting this will help protect assets from further erosion. those that suffered physical
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damage are eligible through a tax to the program. a newspaper report shows the agency led to pg&e slide on hundreds of infractions. the san francisco chronicle says it tracked records from 2004 to 2009 and did not impose any fines during that entire time. the director said it did not find pg&e or any other major utility because fines need to be justified for highly hazardous situations. >> any other sorts of issues, we have not seen any high consequence events. we have not seen rules violations. >> the cpuc says it is still investigating the san bruno explosion. to read more about the report and other coverage, click the tab on our homepage at
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president obama called on congress to back a plan to improve the nation's infrastructure. >> the bottom line is, or shortsightedness -- we can know longer afford to sit still. what we need is a smart system of infrastructure equal to the needs of the 21st century. >> the president says we can pay for the infrastructure proposal by eliminating certain tax benefits for oil and gas companies. the money would be used to rebuild roads and railways and modernize airports and would help lower the nation's unemployment rate. lawmakers will not vote until next year. >> president obama endorsed pimlott harris today in the race for state attorney general. this is no surprise, harris worked actively on the president's campaign and the republican candidate is leading by four percentage points.
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the car of the future may not have a driver. google says that computers can do the driving for you and is testing a driverless car. >> it is the super bowl of all weigh-offs, the story from half moon bay. >> neighborhoods will easily top the 90-degree mark and i'll give you the timing of our next cooling trend. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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>> a bay area biotech company announced that for the first time a human has been injected with stem cells. menlo park-based jurong corporation has released few
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details but says the person is paralyzed and is enrolled in an fda approved clinical trial. the company spokesman says the patient was injected on friday and is controversial because stem cells are harvested from human embryos. google is experimenting on highways with cars that actually drive themselves. some prius plots have logged more than 40,000 miles and consumer editor tom vacar has details. >> reporter: the car should be able to navigate itself all the equipment, gps and anticollision technologies seems to be on board so the car can deal with the road and traffic conditions driver for a. >> i was waiting for a car like this to come out. i would check it out but it's tough to can see that it would
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work. >> i think that is the future. i think we kind of acclimate ourselves to what the wave of the future is. >> reporter: others worry about hackers, switches or an entire system crash. >> one day out of the blue it could run over a child or hit a car that stopped and not be able to react. i don't think it's a good idea. >> reporter: a research engineer at uc berkeley institute of transportation studies applauds google apical efforts for a better system is one where the cars communicate with each other and road sensors. one with many redundancies. >> he would allow the vehicle to travel much safer and with higher performance. >> you would have more options. >> reporter: no one self- contained -- self-contained system is better as we have seen in aviation were autopilot systems talk to each other and
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controls constantly. again, google is not talking. i am consumer editor tom vacar. microsoft released plans to release its new phone software called windows phone seven and is expected on store shelves november 8. it will cost $200 with a two-year contract and hope that it can compete with apple iphone, android, and the blackberry. san francisco-based jimboree announced that it is being purchased. jimboree sells clothing and runs retail stores throughout the nation. the announcement sent stocks surging with a 23% gain. >> in oakland a decree reopened today with a new name and some new owners. a taste of denmark was
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previously known as neldom's on telegraph avenue but in july that the session had taken its toll. weeks later the owners put together one dozen employees and they agreed to reopen the business as a worker owned co- op. for bay area buildings on a list of the lead in that know longer belong to the state of california. they have been sold for $2.3 billion. that money goes into the general fund and include the hair is building in oakland, plus three office buildings in san francisco. they lease those buildings with an option to repurchase them and the deal will cost the state money in the long-run. one of operas greatest sopranos joan sutherland has died. >> ♪ >> she was one of the most
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celebrated opera singers and won acclaim around the world. she was once called the greatest soprano of all time referring to her height and light style of singing. she died in geneva switzerland following a long illness. she was 83. hundreds gathered for the annual pumpkin weigh off and whether determined the biggest pumpkin around. >> you did your very best so we will have to trim you are here now and thank you for giving us a good season. >> reporter: it has been a rough year for pumpkin farmers. weather and lack were not on his side. >> pumpkins like warm weather and we were very cool and other parts were not hot which sometimes we like our
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competitors to burn up. >> reporter: the farmer chose to take this one to the art and pumpkin festival this weekend. visitors can see the top five pumpkins at the festival. >> 530-pound. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: this year's winner $16 per pound and walked away with more than $10,000. >> it's a passion. i saw it on tv winds. it just consumes you -- i saw it on tv once. you keep getting bigger and bigger. >> reporter: spectators feel the fever. >> it's a feel-good thing. >> reporter: this guy did not stand a chance. you are looking up the winner paid 1,535 pounds. that is a lot of pumpkin.
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pumpkin pie anyone? jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the nfl is urging student athletes to report head injuries immediately. former players along with representatives joined george miller today at a high school to present the campaign. they are distributing posters saying do not hide it -- pardon me. a light blue here in the studio. do not hide it, report it and get checked out. >> talk about a winning combination. we'll show you a newborn who takes the term perfect 10 to a whole new level. plus parts of the bay area could be even warmer tomorrow. mark tamayo we'll have details for you in his forecast. you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> the removal of trees and brush along 2,000 miles of the states levy was under fire from environmentalists and politicians. a portion of wild cat creek march -- marsh has been cleared
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to comply with guidelines. the army corps of engineers says toppling trees contributed to the failure of the levees in new orleans but congressman of walnut grove says it threatens the environment but he argues that this decision should be made on a case-by-case basis. here in the bay area we are warm and tomorrow even hotter. >> most neighborhoods tomorrow up three to 6 degrees. the warming trend will continue. we will have some more '90s to report. right now we are looking for clouds. we have clear skies over a good portion of the state. stronger winds from the north. fire danger will be a concern. you see a range from the mid- 70s in pacifica. you see all of the 80s for
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fremont and san jose. lower 90s four fairfield, antioch, and livermore. here are those red flag warnings for allegations up above 1,500,000 feet. winds could be gusting to 40 miles per hour. a fire danger always to be a concern this time of year. you see the pressure building up above. also the wind and surface coming up north. tuesday we will call it hot, warm, and england's numbers would be approaching the mid- 90s. we will cool things off a little bit as we head into thursday. tomorrow temperatures we are talking about quite a few 90s. san francisco is warming up and we have an excessive heat watch
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highs easily in san francisco in the 80s and overnight lows in the 60s. gasia, the city will seem different over the next couple days. a range of the upper '70s to the 80s. oakland tops out at 89 degrees. san jose 91, and morgan hill right around 94. san francisco back up into the upper 80s at 87. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. >> thank you, mark. ten is a lucky number and a newborn should have a life of good fortune ahead of him. rafael hondl was born at 10:10 october 10, 2010. his mother gave berth in
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delivery room number 10 and did joke that they are glad that there -- their son has 10 toes and 10 fingers to our coverage continues with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. it's been -- tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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